Bear Track Lake Cabins

Luxury, lakeside cabin rentals in the Red River Gorge area

Bear Lair

Limited to 2 adults, Bear Lair is our first and most popular cabin. It features an expansive porch with lakeside views and is a perfect getaway for couples.

A Sleepy Bear’s Dream

Limited to 5, A Sleepy Bear’s Dream is our biggest and most amenity-rich cabin, including a hot tub, great room, and multiple balconies.

A Sneaky Bear’s Hideaway

Limited to 4, A Sneaky Bear’s Hideaway is our most secluded cabin. On a hill overlooking the lake, it provides great views and greater memories.

Boo Bear

Limited to 2, Boo Bear is our newest cabin, perfect for couples and featuring a hot tub and amazing porch overlooking the water.


Our property

Our cabins are located within Daniel Boone National Forest, only 30 minutes away from the beautiful Red River Gorge and 20 minutes from Natural Bridge State Resort Park. Although Red River Gorge might initially bring visitors here, our beautiful cabins and one-of-a-kind property keep them coming back.

With a lake, hiking trails, caves, and overhangs, our property provides a perfect escape, allowing you to connect with nature, reconnect with your friends and family, and create wonderful memories.

Bear Track Lake

Bear Track Lake, a 29 million gallon spring-fed mountain lake, is the centerpiece of our property. Whether it's giving you a relaxing view, cooling the ambient air, or providing a refreshing drink for wildlife, we think Bear Track Lake will be an excellent centerpiece to your vacation as well.

It covers more than 6 acres of land and is surrounded by spectacular cliffs and undisturbed forest. The lake is home to many types of fish, including catfish, bluegill, and bass. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of our albino catfish!

boo bear picture

Caves & hiking

In addition to the lake, our property features numerous caves, giant overhangs, and spectacular cliffs. It is a unique piece of beautiful Red River Gorge, all within the property.

Our guests frequently mention touring the property as a highlight of their stay. We have a trail around the lake that brings you to a number of caves and overhangs on our property, including a “ladder cave” with a small pond in front. Another favorite is the “turtle leg” overhang, pictured here.

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Our story

We started our business in 2011 to pursue our long-held dream of sharing this unique piece of Red River Gorge with the world. We’re fortunate that we've been able to grow our business to four cabins.

We’re a locally-owned business, and we’re proud of the impact tourism has had on our area. Our cabins feature the work of local artisans, and you’ll notice the attention to detail in each one.

We built our first cabin and designed our other cabins to showcase the natural beauty of the property. We’ve been able to share our love of the area with many guests, and we’re excited to share it with you.

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